Using OpenStreetMap for Affordable Housing

Friday, 1:30 PM – 20 min
Lalitha Muthu Subramanian

I using QGIS and OSM plus a combination of web mapping application for building a Land Evaluation tool for Affordable Housing collaborating with CHCS, UNC, Greensboro. I believe such open source resources enable us to make housing really “affordable” with the data city can give us. I will be talking about the various data or parcel layers I integrate into my map, also going through, various open source resources that helped me shape this project by myself. This tool is a customized tool since the data from Guilford county is alone used in presenting the community housing availability. I would talk about how such tools can be generalized by importing specific data into the GIS software which will make data and tool available to the public and to academia for study purposes. I have just started this project and I am assuming, I would be able to present data (web application data) showing information about how the tool uses OSM and other technologies in community housing development.