Kerb your enthusiasm

Saturday, 3:35 PM – 20 min
Emily Eros

Curb management has become a hot issue in cities as street users compete over limited space to park cars, hail a ride, deliver packages, and drop off scooters. At SharedStreets, we’ve worked with city governments and private companies to develop a curb data standard: CurbLR. This provides a structured, common language to produce and share data; consumers can then use it in analytic models, rules engines, APIs, and other mapping tools.

There’s been so much interest and collaboration in the public and private sector, but OSM is lagging behind. In this session, we’ll discuss why regulatory data is so difficult to fit into OSM, how curb restrictions can currently be mapped, and why this approach doesn’t work. We’ll explain our proposal for how OSM can instead store point-based physical assets as the building blocks for a “GTFS for the curb”. These points can be transformed into street segments, linear-referenced, and converted into a standardized CurbLR feed. We’ll talk through this process and provide examples, and show how organizations are using this data to influence mobility in the real world.

Park yourself in this talk… just not during street cleaning.