Lightning Talks

Saturday, 3:15pm – 1 hour
Josh Sisskind, Jeff Wegerson, Indraneel Purohit, Tim Smith, Ilya Zverev, Yuri Astrakhan
Get Your Colleagues Mapping: How to run a corporate mapathon
Josh Sisskind
In this session, we will describe how we successfully executed a mapathon across multiple office locations with employees of all backgrounds. Highlights will include how we selected our task, getting C-Suite buy in, and lessons learned.
Road Work Ahead
Indraneel Purohit
Cities open and close parts of their road network on a daily basis to keep their cities moving. Today, it is difficult to easily produce and consume closure data across city governments, consumer facing mapping apps and service providers. This is why we built SharedStreets Road Closures — an open source web app built for cities to produce data on road closures easily and consistently. We'll talk about this app, the data it produces, and how it can be used.
Buildings! Buildings! More Buildings, This time in Canada!
Tim Smith
Machine Learning at scale can be a great way of extracting information from satellite imagery. Microsoft open maps team at BING, BING Maps would like to share the journey and experiences as we processed millions of pixels to extract buildings in Canada. They are available on our GitHub page.
Tracking Down SEO Contributers
Bryce Jasmer
Search Engine Optimization is a big business and a common tactic of improving the ranking of their clients is to get links to their client's websites in as many places as possible. Unfortunately, this is often done in a lazy way as volume is the name of the game for many of these companies. This talk will examine the difficulty in tracking down one of these companies and working with them to comply with OSM best practices.
You don't know OpenStreetMap
Ilya Zverev
The open map has a very simple data model. It has a list of tags. It has many tutorials. After a year or five of participating in our project you might get an idea you understand OSM from bottom to top. The thing is — you don't. Never. Even after nine years of writing news, writing code, managing communities, I find something new every day. And I find my beliefs about the project wrong. Let's see how you can be mistaken in believing you know OpenStreetMap.
Making sure your work is understood by others
Yuri Astrakhan
OSM has tens of thousands of unique keys, and uncountable number of "known" values (like those for type, denomination, ...). This lightning talk will show how to make sure all these tags are understood by others in just a few seconds using OSM wiki. No wiki markup needed!